Beyond Dreamcatchers: Creativity Needs a Makeover

by Laura Simms on 02.03.11

in A Meaningful Life

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Welcome to Creativity Land. I made you this macaroni necklace.

Have you ever told someone you’re a creativity coach? Try it. Watch a polite smile spread across her mouth as her eyes glaze over with visions of dreamcatchers and vision boards.

And this is precisely why I don’t call myself a creativity coach. Laura Simms, career coach for creatives, nice to meet you. It just sounds better, huh? A little less finger-paint-crying-into-your-dream-journal.

Why is this? When did the idea of creativity get reduced to god’s eyes and emotional frou-frouery?

Creativity needs a make-over.

Knitting a potholder is a valid creative act.
So is developing the Theory of Relativity.
So is reducing the deficit.
So is strategically removing troops from Iraq.
So is developing renewable sources of energy.
So is ending hunger.
So is balancing your work and home life.
So is writing a book, a song, a poem, a play.
So is designing the space you live in.
So is taking the bold action to create something new. And valuable. And uniquely in your voice.

Creativity is about solutions and connections and seeing the edge of things.
It’s about making things better, smarter, easier.
It’s about saying, “Hey! World! You need to look at this thing!”
It’s about giving.
It’s about service.
It’s about fulfillment.
It’s about thriving.
It’s about untangling knots.
It’s about making new knots.
It’s about the asking.
It’s about the doing.
It’s about being human.

Truth: I’ve made vision boards. And freaky cool things followed suit. I’m not anti-dreamcatcher, but I am anti-dreamcatcher as the definitive word on creativity. It’s bigger than that. And more badass than that.

I could go on, but i need to go write in my handmade journal. I have badass things to do.


Sweet! Well said. I concur. Go and get ‘em!



that was fun! Best part of creativity is that it is FUN. I secretly think that is why others dont believe in it!



I agree! I have always wanted to be a creativity coach, but have alway hated the term. I think it sounds so cheesy. I also get a ton of negative reactions when I use it. So I quite using it. I have also struggled with finding my place in a field that if you look at the way other coaches work or present themselves, I’m more of a black sheep. lol.



ok so, you’re awesome.


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