#thedailybon: An Instagram Challenge of Tiny Proportions

by Laura Simms on 11.01.12

in A Meaningful Life

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I share my office with my two adorable house rabbits, Ewok & Henry. They make me smile everyday, and I thought, “What they heck. I’m sharing these little dudes through Instagram.” Eventually I tagged the photos “#thedailybon”, “bon” being my quickspeak for “bunnies.”

Two things happened:

  • 1. People commented how much they looked forward to seeing the bunny photos on Facebook & Twitter.
  • 2. In looking for tiny, ordinary bunny moments that made me smile, what could have been a distraction became a fun and simple gratitude practice.


The Challenge

For the month of November, I invite you to start your own daily bon gratitude practice.

It’s simple: look for something during your workday that makes you smile, take a pic with Instagram, include #thedailybon in the Instagram “Write a caption” box, and Share.

You probably don’t have rabbits under your desk. That’s ok–

A daily bon is any ordinary thing from your workday that makes you smile.

Cup of coffee, fancy shoes, laughing co-worker, favorite piece of art, great meal, an empty inbox.

The challenge is to find one bon a day, but do it however you want. Take 3 in one day, skip 2 days, it doesn’t really matter. The idea is to put attention on simple joys and share them.

UPDATE: Some folks have written saying that they don’t have a smartphone or don’t do Instagram. Don’t let the details stop you–post to Twitter or Facebook with #thedailybon. Write it in the sand. Hire a skywriter. Just play.


It all starts with gratitude

You want to know the foundation of my business? Gratitude.

Radically embracing gratitude is what shifted me into a career I love that takes care of me. So yeah, I hope the challenge is fun, but this is not fluff; it’s Business 101. Think about the business people you admire, and I’d be willing to bet they radiate gratitude.

November is an especially good time of year to cultivate a gratitude practice as we head into the holidays. Don’t wait for January 1 to bring more awareness to the abundance around you; join us now for #thedailybon!


Stay connected

You can find me on Instagram as laurasimms.

You can also check back at the bottom of this post to see a gallery of daily bons people are finding. As long as you use the hashtag #thedailybon, your photos will appear here (it can take 30 minutes for your pic to show up).


The more the bonnier

Want to share this challenge and invite your peeps to join?

Just click to tweet:

Looking for a fun & simple gratitude practice? Join me for #thedailybon. 

On Instagram? Try this gratitude challenge. #thedailybon

Finding ordinary things to smile about with #thedailybon Instagram challenge. 

Or grab a badge and link it to this post:


I look forward to seeing all your bons!

Gathering light,

 #thedailybon gallery

[instapress tag=”thedailybon” piccount=”20″ size=”193″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″]

Talia T.

I LOVE IT!!!! P.S. – Doesn’t “bon” mean “good” in French? It’s makes perfect sense!



I hadn’t thought of that. Even better!



Yes it does :)
Laura: love it!



What a wonderful idea! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my definition of abundance (aBUNdance, hehee) and how it’s really the basic, simple things that make our lives full, so this ties in extremely well. I don’t have Instagram, but I do have Twitter, so I’ll join in the challenge there if you don’t mind :-)



Carrie, that’s great!



I do a gratitude speech as I drive to my day job a couple of times a week. I love it – it reminds you of all the great things in your life that you might have overlooked otherwise. Or let pass by with barely a second though.

I’ve just Instagram-ed a sleeping kitty :)



Lovely idea, but being sans instagram will pass on the participation.


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